Las Vegas Strip Hotels and Casinos

There are many different stories of when Strip hotels came into existence or why these are named as Strip hotels. But Strip is a small segment of Highway 91 that runs from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles. At old times, this place was called as Fifth Street, Highway 91 and now is known as Las Vegas Boulevard. It is situated in the outskirts of the city to attract high amount of people by the gigantic entertainment provided here. The first hotel where illegal gambling and illegal alcohol was done is Pair-O-Dice. This hotel came up in 1930. A year later Nevada made gambling official and the Red Rooster was the new place attracted for gambling for all those who wanted to earn money. This is the first casino having official legal gambling license. Since 1930, Strip is popular place for alcohol, food and gambling business.

There are many new hotels and casinos which have come up at Strip. 10 among the world’s best hotels are situated in here. From this one can get a clear idea of fabulous and lavish atmosphere in Las Vegas. The huge structures and architectures of hotels and casinos in Strip are the most attractive ones. Strip is the place where high amount of tourists are attracted. It has become one of the tourist places in Las Vegas. Ones the sun sets down, all the Strip hotels and casinos change into adult’s paradise. During night, casinos are at their high swinging actions; many people are winning money or losing some. But the overall atmosphere is a lot enthusiastic one. Apart from nightlife including hotels, nightclubs and casinos, Strip is also a popular shopper’s paradise. There are massive malls located here which have all the word class stuff for sale. Women’s go crazy for shopping in these shopping malls in Strip. Many hotels and casinos have shopping malls so there is no need of going to any other shopping mall.