Insiders Take on Hilton Niagara Falls Hotel Packages

Towering in the Niagara Skyline is the newest addition, the Hilton Fallsview Hotel. While it is Canada’s tallest hotel tower, it competes with the rest of the skyline for spectacular views of the falls. Seeing as my wife and I had to test out this new mammoth hotel, we decided on a romantic Niagara Falls hotel package offered through their website. We got a great deal of $139.00 a night for a 2 bedroom fallsview suite with fireplace and Jacuzzi. Keep in mind it was end of October, so pricing calms down as well as the traffic.

Having done some research, I realize that the hotel offers valet underground parking only. The cost of this service was $20.00 a night, so we opted to park in the large Casino parking for $5 (also seasonal pricing) which gave us indoor access through Fallsview Casino to the Hilton. Even through the summer, I would suggest trying to find cheaper parking at open lots just up the hill from the Hilton to save cash, especially if you aren’t planning on driving much. A shuttle service is available if you get a free ticket from the information booth, that will bring you to key attractions like the Falls themselves, or Clifton Hill.

The Fallsview Room felt clean, and new. The Jacuzzi’s are large enough to fit 2 people comfortably, and doors swing to open up to the rest of the room. And I must say, having a great view of the Falls on the thirty second floor made the experience. But there was one thing… The view was obstructed by the large Fallsview Casino Resort which is directly across the street. I mean, the American Falls are clearly viewed; however the Horseshoe Falls were slightly more difficult to see, especially in the North Tower. In the South Tower the Horseshoe Falls are visible but not the entire falls. Also, through the night the large red glowing ‘CASINO’ sign, lights up your room unless you close your blinds. Other than that the hotel was extremely nice, and customer service was excellent.

Having visited in October mid week, there were few guests to contend with in the pool area. We basically had the hot tub, massive 10,000 sq. Ft. swimming pool to ourselves. Not to mention the 3 story winding water slide, that compliments the pool area nicely. Unfortunately, there are no change rooms for the pool area, so your left with 1 of 2 options. Change in your room and walk through the 5 star hotel in your bathing suit, or change in the public bathrooms just around the corner from the pool area. Otherwise, the setting was refreshing, and one of the best pool areas you’ll find among all of the Niagara Falls Skyline Hotels.

Thankfully, it wasn’t too cool to stroll outside in October, but there was always the indoor walkway to the Fallsview Casino Resort. The temperature controlled walkway allows guest’s access to all the amenities of the Fallsview Casino Resort including the Galleria Shopping, Fallsview Casino Spa, Food Court at lower level, and of course the Casino with one of my favourite Buffet Restaurants inside. There is plenty to see, even if you don’t plan on spending, take a walk through this magnificent Fallsview Casino structure. If you’re a player, join the player’s advantage card system. This will allow you rewards from food to free parking as you roll for the big bucks in the casino; another reason why we opted to park in the casino parking.

Buffet Breakfast included with the room is the way to go. It was fresh and very convenient, as you eat when you like, and what you like. Hot and cold of just about everything was there to meet any taste. Our waiter hooked me up with one of the best hot chocolates I had ever tasted, trimmed up with whip cream and chocolate sprinkles.

In terms of Niagara Falls hotel packages, Hilton offers some great deals through the season, and fantastic accommodations. Plenty of meal options from 3 onsite restaurants including the Watermark Fallsview dining at the top of the resort. Some Niagara Falls hotel packages include dinner vouchers for your choice of the 3 dining options. So to sum it all up! Fun experience, super atmosphere, helpful customer service, and an overall great deal…